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Our world is full of energy

IFE Eriksen AG operates and develops wind and solar farms. We place special emphasis on ensuring a high level of regional acceptance for our projects. At the same time, we go to great lengths to establish their legal security. Since our company was founded in 1979, we have built farms with an aggregate output of 315 megawatts. Our power plant portfolio, which we are continuously expanding,
is a key pillar of our business. As well as implementing our own projects, we also acquire and turn round existing wind and solar farms. Our wind and solar farms currently produce 280 million kilowatt-hours of green power annually – equivalent to the annual power consumption of more than 70,000 households. It is an achievement that we, as modern energy producers, are proud of.


IFE Eriksen AG implemented 165 wind turbines with an aggregate capacity of more than 280 MW in the Northeast and Northwest of Germany – plus seven solar farms with a capacity of 36 MW. A large portion of these solar and wind farms is operated by us, and our focus is on continually expanding our portfolio of IFE Eriksen AG-owned power stations. Further projects are currently in the planning stage.

Projects Overview
37 Projects
570 Mio kWh / Year
315 MW Installed Capacity
Solar Farm Mederns 16.900 Hanwha 4,0 MW 2012
Solar Farm Sonnenberg 10.500 REC 2,3 MW 2010
Wind Farm Westoverledingen 7 x Enercon E-82 16,1 MW 2013
Wind Farm Burlage 5 x Enercon E-82 11,5 MW 2017
Wind Farm Klostermoor 6 x AN Bonus 1 MW 6 MW 1999
Wind Farm Bösel 5 x Enercon E-101 15,25 MW 2014
Wind Farm Bösel-Kündelmoor 10 x Enercon E-101 30,5 MW 2014
Solar Farm Oldenburg 59.100 Hanwha 13,9 MW 2011
Solar Farm Bürgerfelde 2782 GCL 0,75 MW 2018
Wind Farm Berne 6 x Enercon E-82 13,8 MW 2014
Wind Farm Liethe 4 x NEG Micon 3,6 MW 2000
Wind Farm Conneforde 3 x Enercon E-44 1,8 MW 2000
Wind Farm Hiddels 9 x Enercon E-66 15 MW 2000
Wind Farm Mittelort 6 x Vestas V66 und V80 10,6 MW 2001
Wind Farm Golzwarden 6 x Enercon E-101 18,3 MW 2016
Wind Farm Stollhamm 8 x Enercon E-70 18,4 MW 2011
Solar Farm Kyritz 12.600 Hanwha 3 MW 2012
Solar Farm Oranienburg 33.200 Motech 7,8 MW 2011
Wind Farm Klosterfelde I 1 x Enercon E-101 3,05 MW 2014
Wind Farm Klosterfelde II 1 x Enercon E-82 2,3 MW 2014
Wind Farm Gramzow 11 x Enercon E-66 19,8 MW 2003
Wind Farm Falkenwalde 1 x Enercon E-141 4,2 MW 2017
Wind Farm Krackow I 3 x Enercon E-40 1,5 MW 1999
Wind Farm Krackow II 2 x Enercon E-40 1 MW 2002
Wind Farm Täppelberg 5 x Nordex N60 6,5 MW 1999
Wind Farm Schenkenberg 2 x Enercon E-82, 1 x E-92 6,95 MW 2015
Wind Farm Prenzlau 5 x Enercon E-70 10 MW 2005
Wind Farm Güstow 2 x Enercon E-92 4,7 MW 2016
Wind Farm Blindow I 3 x Enercon E-82 6 MW 2009
Wind Farm Blindow II 2 x Enercon E-101 6 MW 2013
Wind Farm Bullenbruch 2 x Enercon E-92 4,7 MW 2016
Wind Farm Roge 8 x Enercon E-66 14,4 MW 2000
Wind Farm Trinwillershagen 1 x Enercon E-82 2,3 MW 2016

IFE Eriksen AG is building Solar Farm Bürgerfelde in Oldenburg.

IFE Eriksen AG is building first wind turbine in Canada.

Wind farm Burlage in Operation.

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