Project Development

Project Planning

IFE Eriksen AG has many years of experience in the development, financing and construction of wind farms. From initial idea through to go-live, IFE Eriksen AG manages every step in the process chain. By combining our competencies, we offer a one-stop shop solution for all the services needed to plan a wind or solar park. You therefore benefit from having a single point of contact – for technical planning, financing, construction and operational management. We have great staying power and a very high success rate in the implementation of wind farms. Our many years of experience and great attention to detail will help to get your project up and running.

Legally Compliant Planning

A core competency of IFE Eriksen AG is the detailed, legally compliant and therefore successful planning of parks, and their carefully controlled implementation. Our many years of experience allows us to assess risks early and thus to minimise them. Our experts evaluate the likelihood of success and examine every detail of the project thoroughly. We deal confidently with difficult approval processes and work hard to connect our wind farms to the grid.

Business Partner for Landowners

Landowners benefit from our uncompromising and nimble approach to planning. We focus on individual projects, and persevere until we bring each one to a successful conclusion. We have a strong capital base with which to finance projects and our strong reputation in wind park construction will ensure a prompt and guaranteed increase in the value of your land. We are a partner to landowners and handle your property with care, aiming to seal off as little of your land as possible. IFE Eriksen AG is a one-stop shop. You therefore have the benefit of a single, reliable business partner from project planning through to decommissioning 20 years or more in the future.


  • Takeover at any project stage, from site acquisition through to the commissioning of wind and solar farms

  • Success through detailed, legally compliant planning

  • On-time implementation and startup