Onshore wind energy is the key technology of the transition to renewable energy. IFE Eriksen AG would like to increase the share of wind energy in its energy mix and, in addition to building new wind farms, we are a keen advocate of repowering. This means replacing older wind turbines with a smaller number of more powerful, new turbine generator systems. Repowering makes it possible to multiply wind energy production within existing space constraints. IFE Eriksen AG is prepared to take over ageing wind farms and to offer their owners an attractive exit route.

Technological progress

Major advances have been made in wind power technology over the past 20 years. Repowering offers the opportunity to replace first-generation wind turbines with modern, high-tech turbines. Half as many modern turbines occupying the same space as the old turbines can generate three times as much power. Not only that, but modern wind turbines make better use of the available wind, operate more consistently and thus achieve a greater number of full load hours.

Performance optimisation

All that glitters is not gold. Many projects in the solar farm planning sector have used components that have failed to meet expectations under operational conditions. We have a particular interest in these projects because we can offer a solution that also provides an interesting exit strategy for their owners.


  • Acquisition of existing wind and solar farms
  • Technical redevelopment and subsequent modernisation of projects

  • Optimisation of electricity generation

Wind Farm Berne

  • Lower Saxony
  • 2014
  • 13,8 MW
  • 6 x Enercon E-82 / 2.300 kW

In Berne in the state of Lower Saxony, IFE Eriksen AG took over the old Neuenhuntorfermoor wind farm and initiated a repowering project in 2014. In this process, ten legacy systems with an aggregate output of 7.5 megawatts (MW) were replaced with six modern Enercon E-82 wind turbines with an output of 13.8 MW. The new wind farm feeds around 30 million kWh of electricity into the national grid. Despite using fewer turbines, the project thus almost triples the site’s power output.

Westoverledingen wind farm was created following the acquisition of the old Steenfelde wind farm, which was originally built in 1997 with an output of 9.6 MW. As part of a repowering project in 2013, the 16 legacy machines were dismantled and replaced by 7 Enercon E-82 units with a total capacity of 16.1 MW. Today, the Westoverledingen wind farm produces around 36 million kWh of electricity annually. That is 2.6 times as much electricity as before the repowering project.

Wind Farm Westoverledingen

  • Lower Saxony
  • 2013
  • 16,1 MW
  • 7 x Enercon E-82 / 2.300 kW

Wind Farm Stollhamm

  • Lower Saxony
  • 2011
  • 18,4 MW
  • 8 x Enercon E-70 / 2.300 kW

The Stollhamm wind farm was created following the acquisition of the Inte wind farm, which in 1995 was the first wind farm built by IFE Eriksen AG. After 15 years of service, Inte became the company’s first repowering project, and was subsequently renamed Stollhamm. IFE Eriksen AG decommissioned the farm’s 14 legacy turbines from 1995 and replaced them with more modern systems. Today, 8 Enercon E-70s generate a total of 18.4 MW of green electricity – boosting the output by a factor of almost 2.5 without any increase in land area.