Corporate video: Wind farm – new development

In the town of Bösel, in the western part of Lower Saxony, stands one of North Germany's most powerful wind farms. Here, 15 Enercon E-101 wind turbines generate around 105 million kilowatt-hours of electricity every year. That is a huge amount of carbon-free electricity – enough to supply the needs of 25,000 four-person households.

This film shows the planning and building phase of these project.

Corporate video: Solar farm – new development

The “Oldenburg Airbase solar farm” was built extremely quick and is now one of the largest solar farms in Lower Saxony with a total capacity of 13.9 MW. As the area of 29 hectares is a huge conversion site, an extensive search for munitions had to be conducted before the start of construction.

This video shows all phases of construction, from the first preliminaries to the completion of the solar farm.

Corporate video: Repowering wind farm

In 1995 IFE Eriksen AG built their first wind farm in the community of Butjadingen at the site named Inte. In 2010 the company decided to dissemble all wind turbines and replace them by modern and more efficient wind turbines.

This Repowering video shows the realization of the project, from the dismantling of the old turbines to the construction of the new wind turbines.